perfectly portable
movement monitor
tactile stimulation"

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Respisense can be saftely used in a wide variety of situations:
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Mother: Jana, Baby: Kiara
Mother: Jana
Baby: Kiara
Mother: Robyn, Baby: Ethan
Mother: Robyn
Baby: Ethan
Mother: Marketa, Baby: Lillian
Mother: Marketa
Baby: Lillian
Mother: Christelle Gibbens, Baby: Franco
Mother: Christelle Gibbens
Baby: Franco
Mother: Georgia, Baby: Nikolas
Mother: Georgia
Baby: Nikolas
Mother: Amelia, Baby: Izaiah
Mother: Amelia
Baby: Izaiah
Mother: Stefanie, Baby: Anton
Mother: Stefanie
Baby: Anton
Mother: Nelie, Baby: Nykeisha
Mother: Nelie
Baby: Nykeisha
Mother: Tracy, Baby: Anne
Mother: Tracy
Baby: Anne
Mother: Kerry C, Baby: Jonah
Mother: Kerry C
Baby: Jonah
Mother: Marlena, Baby: Hania
Mother: Marlena
Baby: Hania
Mother: Cindy, Baby: Warre
Mother: Cindy
Baby: Warre
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