perfectly portable
movement monitor
tactile stimulation"

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Respisense can be saftely used in a wide variety of situations:
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Mother: Beata, Baby: Nico
Mother: Beata
Baby: Nico
Mother: Carina, Baby: Gerrit
Mother: Carina
Baby: Gerrit
Mother: DONNA, Baby: ZAC
Mother: DONNA
Baby: ZAC
Mother: Kati, Baby: Arwen
Mother: Kati
Baby: Arwen
Mother: Alet, Baby: Anchè
Mother: Alet
Baby: Anchè
Mother: Julie-Anne, Baby: Keira
Mother: Julie-Anne
Baby: Keira
Mother: Meghan, Baby: Marcus
Mother: Meghan
Baby: Marcus
Mother: Adrienn, Baby: Lilla
Mother: Adrienn
Baby: Lilla
Mother: SHANI, Baby: Grace June
Mother: SHANI
Baby: Grace June
Mother: Karin, Baby: Luke
Mother: Karin
Baby: Luke
Mother: Victoria, Baby: Ty
Mother: Victoria
Baby: Ty
Mother: Katarzyna, Baby: Igorek
Mother: Katarzyna
Baby: Igorek
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