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Respisense™ was produced as the world's first perfectly portable monitor. Here is what the prototype looked like:
The Respisense™ prototype


Design History

Respisense™ was designed by a loving father after the birth of his own triplets. Because of the inherent advantages the triplets' parents had them sharing a cot for their first six months and wanted a monitor that could work in such a set-up.

Nothing of the sort was available at the time, so their father designed and developed the pioneering Respisense™ sleep monitor.

Safety Accreditation
The Respisense's CE-certification is not done as a self-declaration, but as a CASCO System 5 certification, equivalent to an EEC Model H (full quality assurance), by TUV Rheinland Quality Services as a third-party certifier equivalent to a Notified Body, appointed as the Authorized Representative of Infantrust Parenting Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

The Respisense™ is classified as a child care article and rated alongside items such as pacifiers, diapers and feeding bottles. As a child care article, in the absence of a child care article directive, the Respisense™ is certified under the General Product Safety directive (on the basis of the Rapid Information Interchange or RAPEX system established under this directive), taking into consideration relevant safety requirements from the Safety of Toys directive (viz. flame propagation test, migration of certain elements test) and guidelines published as FD CEN/TR 13387 "Child Use and Care Articles -- Safety Guidelines" by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 252 "Child Use and Care Articles". Other directives applied to the Respisense™ are the EMC directive and the WEEE directive. Because the circuitry uses a maximum of 3 Volts and no conductive parts make contact with a human body, the Low Voltage directive is not applicable, and a Safety Extra-Low Voltage declaration was made.

Respisense™ also carries FCC clearance for a class B digital device.


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