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Here is what convinced parents have to say about Respisense...

I just thought I'd e-mail you to say that I think your product is amazing! It works even better than expected, and the peace of mind that it provides is priceless. I really appreciate a good design, especially a micropower one, and the Respisense comes out tops!
- Dennis B.


"We give it nothing but high recommendations to everyone we know with infants."
- Monique E.


"Your monitor is an excellent product that has saved my son's life on more times than I can count. Your service and support are the best I have ever received. To give you a bit of background. My brother stopped breathing at 6months of age - thankfully my mother entered the room shortly afterwards and revived him. Sadly last year my cousins baby passed away at 12 weeks.

Mum says babies just forget to breathe sometimes. I wasn't aware that SIDS was still a danger even as late as 6months of age! My little one had a slightly difficult birth and the day or 2 after he repeatedly stopped breathing. (or forgot to breathe) During feeding he would often turn blue. Very scary!! It didn't take much to get him to breathe - simply stroking his cheek or blowing on his face or jiggling his tummy. However I didn't get any sleep with the worry! so my parents researched a lot of monitors for me. Most of them are ones where you have a mat under the baby. The downside to this is very limited to where you can use it and there are wires.

The under the mattress ones also don't buzz the baby to encourage them to resume breathing -which your monitor does. They found an excellent one - your respisense monitor! I like the features like the extra sensitive setting for newborns as well as a different sounding alarm if it has had to 'buzz' the baby 6 times plus the flashing light is a comfort knowing that it is definitely switched on and working.

[Our Respisense] has saved my baby on more occasions than I can count.
He is 4 months and very rarely gets buzzed now - only the odd occasion when throughout the night our room has overheated. but it's on him 24/7. Furthermore: With a product like this you would also hope to have good backup and support from the company who makes and supplies it. I found it to be better than excellent. I hope this helps some of you who are considering some sort of monitor...and no I don't work for the company - nor do I get anything for telling you this.. it's just that the lives of our little ones are so important I want to share this with others."
- Ruth


"C... came down with a very nasty flu, and his breathing was affected. One night during his flu the [Respisense] alarm went off. I rushed into his room he wasn't stirring like he normally does . ... so I picked him up, upon doing that I heard him take a huge gasp of breath while choking through mucus, then he started crying, I knew he had stopped breathing."

"I am extremely greatful for the breathing monitor. To me this purchase has and will always be the best purchase I have ever made, this monitor is not just for families with a breathing history, this I believe is for ALL families."
- Jacqui K.


"I looked around to find a monitor exactly like Respisense, because all the other ones here are only for a crib or a prone position. They have a lot of false alarm readings from what I've read, and no feature to assist the baby to breathe if he were to stop. Your product caught my eye because it can be used anywhere, doesn't run the risk of electric shock, and has the most important piece of actually doing something about a breathing episode. I have 2 friends right now who are pregnant and were also planning on getting one for their infants. "
- Margaret C


"The hospital one is large, bulky and has electrodes and leads to contend with, the band that goes round his chest causes skin breakdown and small blisters and the pad one only works well if he stays on it, and he is becoming active so he wiggles off it and it does not I imagine feel particularly comfortable lying on a hard surface?!! They all have their problems in their designs. I am amazed at how well [the Respisense] attaches to the nappy also, it really fits well and seems very secure against his tummy. What an excellent design you have created!!"
- Helen E., trained Direct Entry Midwife


"... most of our suppliers do not offer the high level of support and communication, which you do ..."

- Nick W.


"...your website is very comprehensive and your information via email also very good - if only all suppliers were as informative!!"
- Julia P.


"Die toestel gee my gemoedsrus want hy werk wonderlik"
"The device gives me peace of mind because it works wonderfully"
- Charmaine F.


"The device is a real life saver and helps a lot. We almost lost our baby, and now feel a lot better knowing that the monitor is on and will alert us"
- Petrus K.


"I wish to advise you that all is well with my daughter and feel that you have developed a great and worthwhile product. I must say I am also having a good nights sleep knowing that the Respisense is on constant surveillance."
- Terence D.


"... it's the greatest device ever made."
- Jaiden


"I was using a <...> before, supplied by the health service after the death of <...'s> twin brother and it was always giving false alarms and the long wire hanging down from her tummy was always getting caught on stuff, or trod on and pulled off. It's still strange to pick her up and not have her attached to a big stupid clunky grey box! What I also like about Respisense is that you can see the little light flashing through the baby grow, so you know it's working."
- Lora B.

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